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Since its establishment in 1999, Liaoyuan Cable Group Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of high and low voltage power cable, the main business of the company, the company is located in known as " Die town ", " plastic kingdom " reputation - China, Taizhou, close to 104 National Road and the Taiwan-Ningbo Expressway, and Taizhou airport, new Taizhou train station, Taizhou dock of 10 thousand tons of class are only 5-10 km, traffic is very convenient.


Founded in


The company has three branches directly under the state


The company has 11 subsidiaries in China


The qualified rate of products is as high as 99.9%

To create the domestic first-class wire and cable manufacturing enterprise

Liaoyuan Cable Group Co., Ltd. with domestic and foreign advanced, complete production equipment and testing equipment. Its leading products are : cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables, overhead insulated cables, PVC insulated power cables, control cables, computer to use shielded cable, signal cable, rubber cable, branch cable, mining cable, marine cable, cable for nuclear power station, aluminum wire, the whole series of civilian installation wire, all kinds of fire, flame retardant, special wire and cable and clean safety cables and other products, the products according to GB standards, international standards IEC, VDE standards and industry standards organization of production. The company took the lead through the ISO9001 2000 international quality management system certification, product access to the relevant departments of certification and security certificate, production license.


Since its inception, through absorbing domestic and foreign advanced production management experience, and gradually establish a modern enterprise system in line with the business model and strong technology development team. At present, companies in the country directly under the three branch, eleven subsidiaries, business covers the power sector, subway, airport, dock, highway, stadiums, residential buildings, city lighting and other fields, and in these areas have a large number of loyal customers.


In the face of the opportunities and challenges of today, we more as in the past to walk in the forefront of the industry, uphold the cast of well-known brands, the future of the industry leading spirit, constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and customers grow together, create brilliant final customer value, to create the domestic first-class wire and cable manufacturing enterprise。


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