Speech by leader

Dear friends and colleagues from all walks of life who care about Liaoyuan cable group:
Hello everyone!

At the time of Liaoyuan cable group's website opening, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the partners and people from all walks of life who care about and pay attention to Liaoyuan's development and give us strong support!

We have always been adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "customer first, reform and realistic, people-oriented, unity and progress", firmly believe that "there are customers behind customers, the beginning of service is the beginning of sales". We know that timely is the premise of service, professional is the guarantee of service, and sincere is the backing of service. We take customer satisfaction as the standard to measure Liaoyuan people's work, with a more perfect management and service system, and wholeheartedly provide quality services for customers at home and abroad.

Quality is the life, the enduring value standard. Over the years, Liaoyuan cable with strong strength, strict quality management, and the attitude of improving raw materials, to ensure that the factory products can achieve good quality, so in the industry and users won a good reputation and reputation.

Wanli Guanshan is crossing from the beginning. It's the right time to ride the wind and break through the waves.
We firmly believe that, through the continuous efforts of Liaoyuan people, tomorrow's Liaoyuan will be like a rising sun, spurting out, rising in the sky of Chinese commerce!


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